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Ruth Brown – Director

Ruth Brown

A little about ‘the real me’ before I tell you about my work life:

I love living and working in the Highlands and Islands area – the people are so great. There’s a nice pace of life here and the scenery is stunning. 

There’s nothing nicer to me than being by the beach and my dogs love it too. I enjoy going cold water swimming, which is handy, as the water here is rarely warm. My husband isn’t so keen though!

At home, I relax with cryptic crossword puzzles. My favourite is The Independent’s online one because it goes green when you’ve got it right, which effectively reveals the answer! 

I’m passionate about the environment and being around the Highlands and Islands reminds us what we’re working to protect; it’s all so beautiful. When I first decided to do further study, before I embarked on my surveying career, I chose to do a degree in Energy Engineering. This couldn’t be more important in this day and age. 

I’m committed to the energy efficiency of buildings and this is one of the reasons why I trained to become a Commercial and Domestic Energy Assessor, alongside my chartered surveyor qualifications. It is a really useful skill set to have as a chartered surveyor in the Highlands and Islands. Many people living here are dedicated to the environment and doing what they can do be as eco-friendly as possible.

Giving back to the industry is important to me too so I’m an APC Assessor – this is the exam you take to become a qualified surveyor. Feel free to get in touch if you’re considering this as a career. I’m always happy to share my experiences and suggestions with new, or prospective, surveyors.

If there’s anything I can do to help, about surveying, cold water swimming tips, or crossword puzzle clues, please do message and we can have a chat!